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  Executive Team  

Ron Teitelbaum
President / Principal Software Engineer


Ron Teitelbaum has over 15 years experience in health care programming, before that over 10 years as a small business owner.   For the past 9 years Ron was the Principal Software Engineer for HealthObjects / Genesis Health Ventures / NeighborCare, one of the 20 largest health care companies according to fortune, writing institutional pharmacy applications which included automated order entry, full electronic billing, drug fulfillment, drug screening and workflow management.   

Before that Ron worked at Tokos Medical (now Matria Healthcare) as the principal software engineer writing risk assessment, case management, and patient education software.  Ron was also responsible for the group that developed home monitoring devices, and communications software.


Carl G. Watts
Chief Information Officer


Carl is software engineer specializing in Smalltalk (and other pure Object Oriented Languages) and software for handheld devices (such as PalmOS software).

He comes from a strong object oriented software engineering background and has over 15 years of experience writing software in pure O.O. software. Carl was part of ParcPlace Systems (later ObjectShare and now part of Cincom) and Interval Research for several years before founding Applied Thought with several colleagues. Carl was also a Senior Development Engineer for the Neighborcare Technology Division.

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