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President's Letter
    Helping Doctors  
  Pressure to adopt medical record solutions continues to grow.  The goals make sense but is the path well defined?   

To answer this important question, we should first look at the goals from different perspectives and what technology can do to help us reach those goals.

There are many different factors driving a patient’s want for the medical community to adopt medical records.  Patients are looking for improved quality, better access to health care and information, coordinated care, less paperwork, and more.  It is easy to see why a patient would want doctors to adopt technologies.

Payors of rising healthcare dollars are trying to clamp down on unnecessary spending, to improve quality reducing the need for emergency treatments, to improve patient’s health and to manage chronic diseases to lower costs.  The increasing prevalence of chronic disease, sometimes complicated by multiple chronic diseases, is raising the demand for coordinated care.  The failure of proper coordination and the resulting consequences are well documented.  Again it is easy to see why payors would like providers to adopt newer technologies.

What about the providers.   So far most companies have focused on helping patients and payors, but have spent very little time focusing on what providers really want and need.  There is no question that current technologies applied to the medical industry will help doctors, nurses, and staff do more, but only if those technologies are focused on what each group actually needs.  US Medical Record Specialists is focusing on providing value to providers.  Our focus is on helping providers get the tools they need to properly coordinate care with open, connected and secure systems.  Systems should be able to identify up front what financial incentives are available from payors so that providers can know what to bill and how to bill it even before treatment is started.  We will provide a full range of services, everything a provider could use all in one package.  Our applications are built for non-technical people to use.  Our human factors design allows users to feel comfortable and understand the system with minimal training.  Our goal is to provide these services to you for the lowest possible price, and our focus is on the greater good.

Thank you and watch us grow, we will keep you updated as our products become available, come by often and see our News Blog.

President / Principal Software Engineer
US Medical Record Specialists

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